Sugar du Joure has a brand new six week Burlesque Series course coming up, and to celebrate, she’s sharing her top tips for looking (and feeling) runway ready every day, whether it’s onstage, at work, or nipping into the supermarket. So you’ve watched a few Victoria’s Secret shows. Stared longingly up at their angel wings with stars in your eyes. But you know you aren’t a model and will never […]

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Sugar Du Joure sits down with part-time journalist/long –time burlesque fan Laura Young to discuss what to expect in her next 6 week course Robo-A-Gogo at Lady Velvet Cabaret.     Sugar Du Joure’s perfume is a mixture of confusion and arousal. It is the smell of buttery popcorn and a hint of mint that I just can’t put my finger on. She is wearing several large ponytails and is […]

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