Perfect Pinup Tips for Beginners, with Sugar du Joure and Claire Alexander, Photographer

Hot off the heels of our Enter The Boudoir Pinup Workshop announcement, our dream team comprising instructor Sugar du Joure and photographer Claire Alexander share their top tips for first-time pinups. Perfect for those who are thinking of joining our Enter The Boudoir session, or anyone looking to boost their posing prowess in any pinup-style shoot!

Claire Alexander’s Top Tips:

Photo: Claire Alexander, Model: Ava Darling

Claire Alexander, photographer, has worked with entertainers from all over the world, including an impressive list of queens from Ru Paul’s Drag Race. With such extensive experience, she’s seen it all, and has plenty of wisdom to share with us! Here are her top 3 tips for levelling up your pinup model game, from a photographer’s perspective:

– Prepare your Poses: It doesn’t hurt for to have a few different poses in mind before you enter the studio. Have you heard the expression “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have”? You can apply this to your poses too; pose like the professionals you want to emulate! Have a look at some portraits that you really like, and try to recreate that pose yourself. It helps to practise in the mirror at home to get used to it, or you can even bring an image along so that your photographer or director can help understand the style you’re aiming to recreate.

– Play it up: Don’t forget that femininity is a performance, so don’t be scared to go a bit more “OTT” than you normally would in everyday life. Burlesque, pinup, and especially boudoir, are all about playing up the feminine fantasy and becoming a character. Don’t be afraid to play up a stereotype: your own personal look and flair will make the picture unique, and your over-the-top pinup persona will ensure the image reflects the pinup or boudoir theme!

– Hold it Right There: Don’t be scared to strike a pose and hold it, wait for the flash to go off, and then change. Don’t hesitate, really commit to your pose! Sometimes first-timers will question their pose and then by the time the photographer presses the shutter, they’re making a different face than they were before and the shot may not be of any use.

Sugar du Joure’s Top Tips:

Sugar du Joure at an LVC workshop, by Wild Kat Photography.

Wild Kat, Model: Sugar du Joure

Sugar du Joure is our supportive and experienced Pinup Instructor, covering the basics of hair, makeup, styling, character, and posing! She’s helped countless burlesque and pinup newbies find their feet and really surprise themselves with their grace, elegance, and sizzling sex appeal. Here are her four top tips for your first pinup shoot:

– Deep breaths: It sounds basic, but it makes a huge difference: just breathe and relax. Sometimes nervous pinups are so focused on holding their pose still that they hold their breath, and that tension can show in your final images. Keep breathing!

– Perfect Pinup Posture: Drop those shoulders, and keep your back straight. When we’re nervous, we tend to hold our tension in these areas. Reminding yourself with every shot to lower your shoulders and hold your confident posture will help you improve your pose, no matter how easy or difficult the pose itself is.

– Have fun: Don’t be afraid to move and laugh! Sometimes the best photos come from fluidity rather than a stiffly held pose. Even if the shot is blurry, at least you are feeling relaxed and can nail the next one. There have been plenty of times at LVC Pinup Workshops where students strike a wonderful pose they never even knew they had, because they’re laughing and relaxed!

– Experiment with Levels: Try mixing up your levels! This is a great way to ensure all your shots stand out and you can get a unique full set of images. Why not try working your way through the list: standing pose to sitting pose, sitting pose to kneeling pose, kneeling pose to floor pose. More levels gives you more variety, and more to choose from when it comes time to order your images!

LVC Group Pinup Photo by Claire Alexander.

Pinups at an LVC On Location Workshop 2018, by Claire Alexander

Ready to try your new pinup skills at our latest On Location Workshop? Contact us today to make a booking, or simply to ask us any questions at all. You can request a copy of our “Pinup FAQ” sheet which will give you all the info on what to wear, where to go, and what to bring with you! You’ll not only get to participate in your own mini-shoot, but you’ll also learn how to do your own hair and make up, plus you’ll receiving posing, styling, costume and prop advice tailored to your needs! Pinups of all backgrounds are welcome at our friendly, inclusive and super fun workshops. To be added to our Pinup VIP Mailing List, simply send us an email.

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